Shed a light on delicious dishes with ceiling lamps

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In the kitchen, where the light is a work tool next to being an element of furnishing, it is necessary to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. No matter whether the kitchen is quite large or very small if not a kitchenette. Ceiling lamps are the perfect choice to give value to this space. They occupy less space than pendant lamps, but are as good in shaping fascinating lighting atmospheres. If the wish is to trigger special sensations by playing with light and shade, it will be possible to install only one ceiling light. Otherwise it is possible to draw shapes on the ceiling by fixing groups of ceiling lights.

The kitchen often represents the heart of a home. Therefore what is there better than a central pendant light to enhance the table around which the family gathers? Be it plain hanging light bulbs or fully-fledged chandeliers, as they stretch straight form the ceiling they provide a clear view and a light that brights up the environment in an ideal way. Pendant lights are very versatile light sources.

They are easily adaptable to match all needs and boast an infinite array of models encompassing any sizes and shapes, a multitude of finishes, materials and styles ranging from the more classic ones to the most contemporary with clean, essential lines. In a way to light up every corner of the room, pendant lights can be associated to other sources of lights as for instance spotlights, floor lamps and table lamps.

To evoke a warm and snug feeling in the living room it is possible to opt for a chandelier designed to strike and astonish even when the lights are off; however the true protagonists stay floor lamps. These are not only to be conceived as functional objects, but turn into a focal point in a room, defining the environment and characterizing its atmosphere. Being unfixed elements, they can be moved to bring light where it is most liked. Thanks to their versatility they can add value also to forgotten corners in the room creating unexpected light spots. A floor lamp becomes a design lamp that when off outlines the space around like a sculpture, but once lit enriches and adorns it.

In the bedroom a scattered light is more recommended, with direct light sources in correspondence of specific spots like night tables. The same goes for offices where an accent light source pointed to the desk is necessary. A good illumination entices motivation at work, brings focus up and delays the insurgence of tiredness. Hence, choosing the ideal work light is crucial.

Whether you prefer the typical abat-jour with a fixed base and the fabric lampshade, or the more modern adjustable lamps with their linear lines, the important is that your style is matched and your needs fulfilled. In order to furnish with taste even the kids bedrooms, it is possible to opt for night bed lamps with animal or human shapes, which provide that pinch of imagination that kids love. Even in a room like the bathroom the choice of lights must always be very meticulous. It is possible to chose from typical ceiling lamps, especially appreciated in larger bathrooms, functional and catchy wall lights, or mirror lights that grant the ideal light intensity enabling to use the space in a proper way. Whatever the choice is, bathroom lights must match one’s taste and enhance the beauty of the environment.


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