Floor lamps, modern sculptures for the living area

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For those who care about sustainability there are a number of lighting projects using advanced systems with LED, halogen or fluorescent lights, ensuring respect for the environment to a maximum degree. The same is also granted by the sensitivity of several designers in designing ecological and environmental-friendly lamps made of natural wood, steel, plastic, glass or other nontoxic, certified materials. Besides securing energy efficiency, economic convenience and a longer life span, opting for a lamp with these characteristics adds extra quality and beauty to the space, something that reverberates automatically on those who live in it.

Pendant lamps allow to create atmospheres with soft light coming from above and diffusing on the underneath environment, or with accent lights lighting up strategic elements of the dining or the study area. Object of continuous stylistic and material experimentation, pendant lights are extremely sophisticated products. Their design reflects contemporary trends to complement modernly furnished spaces. Alternatively, specific models are proposed as reinterpretations of typical classic structures, introducing precious inserts and rounded shapes. Considered as real jewel lamps for their mixture of chrome finishes and fine lines, pendant lamps both serve the indoor lighting design and are decorative elements, often acquiring centrality within a space.

A premise to choosing a pendant lamp model is to carefully scout out the space and define the desired light effect we want to obtain in a room. Once this is done, it is possible to evaluate the most suitable design to combine it with the surrounding furniture style. Materials play a crucial role in this sense. Glass Pendant lamps are a classic allowing to play with a mix of opacity and transparencies that determine the final light effect. Metal lamps produce an impressive visual impact and are easily adaptable to both modern and classic environments, thanks to the numerous finishes available.

Perfect to light up at the best the work surfaces at the office or a dining table, direct light pendant lamps allow to cast sharp edged light spots on specific objects and portions of the spaces underneath. It is possible to achieve an extra level of customization with swivel pendant lamps, allowing to point the illuminating parts downwards to room corners or decorative elements to be enhanced.

Over the years, the most popular designers have challenged themselves with pendant lamps projects, designing fully-fledged contemporary icons. Trends in recent years have moved towards a progressive aesthetic simplification and in many cases the light bulb has become at once the source and the body of the lamp. Drop bulbs have gained a new identity: installed alone or in group they generate suspensions of incredible visual impact. On the other hand, chandeliers are a perfect match for those affectionate to classic design: from the more classic ones with textile or Murano glass lampshades, to the more modern ones in wood or cardboard.

Another crucial aspect to be considered when purchasing a pendant lamp is the light source. An increasing number of companies have passed from traditional fluorescent lamps to led pendant lamps. Indeed, led lights ensure remarkable advantages among which there are: energy saving, a very long rated life, low-maintenance and a vast range of light colors. For those preferring a warmer and more intense light, closer to a natural light gradient, the choice should fall on halogen pendant lights.


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